Taehwa River Migratory Bird Park


Taehwa River Migratory Bird Park

(Samho Bamboo Forest)

Taehwa River Migratory Bird Park(Samho Bamboo Forest), located in the Mugeo-dong area (Taehwa River Samho District), Nam-gu, Ulasan Metropolitan City, is a ecofriendly migratory bird park built in 2013 to conserve bird habitats with an area of 125,000 square meters.
It is a natural bamboo forest with minimal artificial elements and can only be observed from the outside as human access is restricted. In summer, it is a habitat of 7 species of about 9,000 egrets, and in winter, it is used as a bed for about 130,000 rooks and jackdaws. And dozens of species of resident birds such as Brown-eared bulbul and Vinous-Throated Parrotbill and wildlife such as raccoons are nestled in this forest located in the middle of the city. Samho Bamboo Forest is a place of high ecological educational value as an important indicator for the symbiotic relationship between bamboo and birds and the health of the Taehwa River and surrounding agricultural lands.

Rooks are representative winter migratory birds that visit Ulsan. They fly from the Siberia region from mid-October every year to winter until March of the following year. The total number of rooks and jackdaws is about 130,000, and they eat down grain and grass seeds in the wide farmland around Ulsan during the day and flock to the Samho Bamboo Forest at sunset. The group dances that cover the sky every evening just before sunset and just before sunrise at dawn are spectacular.

The egrets that visit Samho Bamboo Forest every spring are representative summer migratory birds that visit Korea, with about 9,000 egrets breeding from April to September. This scale is the largest breeding ground for egrets in Korea. In addition, Samho Bamboo Forest is the only place where you can see all 7 species of egrets visiting Korea. Black-crowned night herons, Chinese pond herons, cattle egrets, little egrets, intermediate egrets, large egrets, and herons nest on bamboo and feed on fish, amphibians, and insects in the Taehwa River and nearby farmlands during the day and return to the bamboo forest after sunset to sleep.

Migratory Birds

Big blue lilyturf in the Taehwa River Migratory Bird Park

Taehwa River Migratory Bird Park

Why do egrets and rooks visit Samho Bamboo Forest at Taehwa River in Ulsan?

The Taehwagang Samho Bamboo Forest is very safe from natural enemies as well as people's access, so it has good conditions for breeding and sleeping. It is also because food is abundant in nearby areas, including the Taehwa River. This shows that the natural environment of Ulsan, including the Taehwa River, has improved, and is of high value as an ecotourism destination that promotes the eco-city of Ulsan.


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